CaptionCall – Free Phones available for Florida Residents


Do you or someone you know have trouble hearing on the telephone? With a CaptionCall phone you can understand every word of every call. Its large easy-to-read screen quickly displays written words of what your callers say (similar to TV closed captioning). That means you can get more from your conversations – and from life.

Captioned Telephone Service is a federally funded program administered by the FCC as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The funds for this service come from a small tax that all United States residents pay on their monthly phone bills for telecommunications relay services.  Any resident of Florida with hearing loss is eligible to participate at no cost.

To qualify for the CaptionCall Phone you need the following:

  • A medically recognized hearing disability
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Standard home phone connection
  • Ordinary home electrical outlet

Caption Call Phone

Our hearing team can help you gain access to a free phone during your visit with us. Delivery and installation of the phone is also a free service.

For your portable device:

The mobile application is FREE and available in the Apple App Store here to download. CaptionCall Mobile requires a CaptionCall account, an Apple® iPad® 2 or later, and a Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection.