Gary R. Uremovich, PA-C, DFPAA

Physician Assistant

gary-uremovichGary Uremovich is a seasoned Physician Assistant (PA) with over 40 years of clinical experience. He is a graduate of the USAF’s ENT Physician Assistant Residency Program and subsequently served as its Program Director. Not only has he had several clinical ENT positions in the military but he has also worked in community ENT clinics in Ohio and North Carolina.

Gary has a broad background in medicine with clinical experience in Family Medicine, Emergency/Urgent Care, and Surgery. He is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and brings a unique integrative approach to health and wellness – focusing on the the whole person – body, soul, and spirit. He has Masters degrees in Emergency Medicine (University of Nebraska) and Educational Counseling (Vanderbilt University) as well as a Doctorate in Ministry (Trinity Seminary – Indiana). He has also been involved in PA education as an Academic Director in Ohio (Kettering College) and the Founding Program Director in North Carolina (Wingate University).  Gary is a 25 yr veteran of the US Air Force and retired as a Lt. Colonel.  During his military career, he was decorated with many military honors and awards.

As a member of our team, Gary’s role in the Scotch Institute of Ear Nose & Throat will be to increase timely access to our high level of clinical excellence.