Allergy Testing Services in Wesley Chapel, FL

Allergy Testing Wesley Chapel FL

Allergy testing is a simple and painless procedure that can help you pinpoint what allergens are at the root of your symptoms. This can be especially beneficial for people in Wesley Chapel and throughout Florida, where allergies can be particularly harsh. During the test, a medical professional applies very small amounts of allergens to a section of the back. If the area where a certain allergen was applied to becomes itchy or red, it can be determined that the patient is allergic to the allergen. The procedure  usually takes about one hour to complete.

At Scotch Institute of Ear Nose & Throat in Wesley Chapel, FL, Dr. Scotch collaborates with experienced allergy nurses to provide safe and effective allergy testing services. We can test for more than 40 allergens that commonly affect the ears, nose, and throat, including various types of weeds, grasses, trees, animals, and molds. Certain food allergies may also be tested depending on the patient’s needs.

Once allergy testing is complete, Dr. Scotch can then determine the patient’s ideal course of treatment. We offer a variety of treatment options, such as immunotherapy, oral and nasal medications, and allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy). Our allergy drops are custom-blended right here in our office according to each patient’s unique allergens. These daily drops can be taken at home by simply placing them under the tongue and letting them dissolve. Over time, the patient will develop a tolerance to his or her allergens and enjoy relief from uncomfortable symptoms.

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