Swallow Evaluation Specialists in Trinity, FL

Swallow Evaluation Trinity FL Scotch Institute of Ear Nose & Throat in Trinity and Wesley Chapel, Florida, provides a full spectrum of otolaryngology, including advanced swallow evaluation services, or fiberoptic evaluation of swallowing (FEES). Led by board-certified otolaryngologists Dr. Brett Scotch and Dr. Hope Bueller, our team also includes Cara Bryan, a licensed speech language pathologist who works with our physicians to help diagnose and treat a wide variety of swallowing problems.

What is a fiberoptic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) test?

A FEES test is performed to evaluate how a patient swallows. This may seem strange, but difficulty swallowing is an indication of dysphagia, a condition that occurs when the mouth and throat muscles that facilitate swallowing are not working properly. If left untreated, dysphagia can cause food and liquids to enter the airways or lungs and potentially cause infections.

The FEES test is relatively simple. A clinician uses an endoscope — a flexible, thin tool with a small camera attached to the end — to view how well your muscles work as you swallow. The endoscope is gently placed into the nostril and fed into the throat, usually with the help of a numbing solution to reduce any discomfort.

Should I receive a swallow evaluation?

You should consider receiving a swallow evaluation if it’s becoming difficult or painful to swallow or if you notice that food remains in your mouth even after you swallow. Certain medical conditions are also commonly associated with dysphagia, including Parkinson’s disease, heard injuries, neurological disorders, and muscular dystrophy.

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