Allergy Clinic Wesley Chapel FLPediatric ENT

Kids are physiologically different than adults.  Dr. Scotch understands this as he cares for children of all ages.  He relates well to the little ones and makes them feel at ease in our office.

Dr. Scotch can treat the full spectrum of common pediatric ENT problems, including Tonsillitis, Adenoiditis, Chronic Ear Problems, Allergies, Hoarseness, Ear Infections – Otitis Media and Otitis Externa (Swimmer’s Ear), Tongue-Tie, Nose bleeds, Sinus Infections, and Foreign body removal from their ears or nose.

Ear infections are more common in children because their Eustachian tubes are narrower and more level, making it harder for fluid to drain, and also because their immune systems are still developing.  These infections can be treated first with medicines and if necessary, a surgical procedure may be done to insert ear tubes to help the ears drain.

From our pint-sized chairs and kids magazines in our waiting room to our treasure box at check out, we want to make your child feels comfortable and at-ease with their visit.