Allergy Testing

Forty-five million Americans suffer from allergies. Some of the most common symptoms include runny nose, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing out of the nose, sinus congestion and pain, hoarseness, hearing changes, scratchy sore throats, and cough. Dr. Scotch and his team have extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of environmental allergies and will help you with sinus problems or other complications from nasal allergy.

We specialize in treating allergic conditions that affect the ears, nose, and throat, such as:

  • allergic rhinitis
  • non-allergic (vasomotor) rhinitis
  • seasonal allergies

We perform skin allergy testing in our office to determine which antigens are causing your symptoms.

Allergy Testing FAQ

How are allergies diagnosed or “tested”?

  • Allergies can be diagnosed with skin prick testing, which shows if your immune system reacts to specific allergens.

 How many allergens do you test for?

  • Approximately 40 trees, grasses, weeds, molds, dust, animal danders all commonly found in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Food allergies / sensitivities may also be tested.

 How long does the testing take?

  • It takes about an hour, but plan to be in our office about an hour and a half.​

 What part of my body are you doing the testing on? 

  • The testing will typically be performed on your back.

 Is the allergy testing covered by my insurance? 

  • Most of the time insurances do indeed cover allergy testing procedures.  Please contact your insurance company to determine whether this benefit is covered with your copay or if it applies to your deductible.