Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are grape-like growths of the sinus membranes that protrude into the sinuses or into the nasal passages. What causes polyps is not well understood, but some experts believe that allergies and infections can contribute to their growth.

When polyps block nasal passages, they make it difficult for the sinuses to drain and for air to pass through the nose. When the sinuses are unable to drain, bacteria can build up and sinusitis can result.

PolypVac Nasal PolypsNew Treatment Option
The PolypVac enables ENT doctors to quickly and conveniently remove nasal polyps in the office.  For the patient, the PolypVac allows doctors to offer polyp removal treatment during either a conveniently scheduled office appointment, without the need for general anesthesia and avoiding some of the risks of traditional sinus surgery performed in the hospital.

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Removing the polyps can restore airflow through the nasal passages and immediately improve the symptoms associated with nasal blockage, including difficulties breathing, smelling, and sleeping. It may also provide greater access for sprays and rinses thereafter, helping to maintain symptom relief and minimize polyp recurrence.