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ENT Tampa FLComprehensive otolaryngology services are available at Scotch Institute of Ear Nose & Throat, one of the premier ENT practices in the Tampa, Florida, area. Located in Wesley Chapel and Trinity, our centers are led by Dr. Brett Scotch – a board-certified otolaryngologist who leverages the latest advancements in treatment to deliver world-class care to the patients we serve, as well as Dr. Hope Bueller. We are among a select few practices in the Tampa area to offer minimally invasive, in-office ENT procedures like 3D image-guided balloon sinuplasty (balloon sinus dilation) and PolypVac treatment. More importantly, however, Dr. Scotch and the rest of our team is known for providing personalized and compassionate treatment to ensure that each patient not only has a positive experience from a clinical standpoint, but a personal one, as well.

What do ENT physicians treat?

An ENT physician, also known as an otolaryngologist, is a medical doctor who is uniquely trained to diagnose and treat problems that affect the ear, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck. For example, Dr. Scotch and our team provide well-rounded care to patients with:

Ear conditions

Ear problems like tinnitus, wax build up, ear infections, ear drum perforation, and balance disorders that originate in the inner ear (vertigo) are common and affect people of various ages.

Nasal conditions

Allergies, nasal polyps, congestion, smell disorders, septum deviation, and other nasal problems can develop for a variety of reasons and make it difficult to go about your day comfortably.

Throat conditions

Throat problems such as vocal cord nodules, hoarseness, tonsillitis, and reflux disease often require specialized treatment to resolve.

Sinus conditions

The sinuses, which are small, hollow cavities behind the nose and lower forehead and between the eyes, can easily become infected and cause unpleasant symptoms. Sinus polyps may also develop and lead to facial pressure and pain.

In addition to these conditions, Scotch Institute of ENT also offers specialized care for hearing loss. Our team includes experienced audiologists who provide thorough hearing testing and, if necessary, hearing aid services to maximize our patients’ hearing health and help them regain quality of life.

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